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Fasting offers many health and mental benefits.

Did you know that intermittent, or periodic fasting is not only good for your weight, hormones and heart health, but also the mind? Various studies have supported the scheduled and temporary periods of fasting which have proven to boost brain health, including the ability increased ability to focus, enhanced mental clarity, gain more control over emotions, and greatly slow down or reverse damage that leads to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Read the mindblowing article here!


Nothing is wrong with getting help when you can’t figure it out on your own.

Speaking to a professional when you are not able to cope with your current struggles is probably the best thing you can do. Although some counselors may try to use tools and methods that don’t work for you, shop around and don’t give up. A counselor can help bring your feelings out and turn them into words, and then work with you to overcome these struggles. There is absolutely nothing embarrassing about wanting to improve yourself and your life. This article is amazing and will help you prepare for the next step in your development.

Online and Adult Learning

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Did you know that YALE and HARVARD offer online courses and degrees on the doctorate level? So if an Ivy League college can offer online classes, can we finally agree that online learning is the future? The fact that online learning offers affordability and flexibility, which gives people who have to work an opportunity to take classes at their own pace to achieve their dreams., is simply amazing. What used to be off limits to those who struggle with time and finances is now available to anyone! Check out the most affordable schools for online learning here!

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