Denise is a motivator, speaker and mentor to youth and young adults who are in need of a prime example of overcoming negative environments and situations in order to succeed. Her energetic and realist approach to overpowering negativity and sabotage allows for her listeners to “learn with passion”.

In addition to her speaking and mentorship engagements, Denise Reese is a Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur, with experience in care management, education, advocacy, planning and coordination for aging adults and their families.

With personal experience in developing self-esteem and self worth, overcoming negative environments with a long family history of dysfunction, emotional physical/abuse and drug abuse, Denise offers real-world perspectives on how to “move up and move on” to become a new strong, positive and successful individual. Her approach on professional and personal growth allows the audience to:

1. Acknowledge their current situation for what it is, but not accepting where they are as the final destination.

2. Look at each day as a new opportunity for practice, refinement and growth.

3. Give themselves permission to strive for more, without apology to those who do not want to join the journey.

4. Deal with the temporary discomfort and awkwardness of striving for more, either by their own self, family, friends or peers.

5. Dismantle the “impostor syndrome” in which an individual does not believe they deserve success, positivity, awards and applause.

6. Focus on the end goal and not drown in their current struggle, improving life outcomes and decreasing risk for suicides, criminal activity.


Effective and Therapeutic Communication


Serves as a Role Model

Building Relationships with Individuals, Communities, and Organizations

Energetic and Purposeful Message


Private Coaching/Mentorship

Community Outreach

Organizational Speaking

Mentor, Coach, Speaker

2004 – present

Coined both for informal and formal leadership in United States Navy and in Nursing. Promotes self development for both professional and personal growth. Establishes relationships with individuals, communities and organizations through education, speaking and mentorship for various youth and young adults, students, up and coming professionals, and new nurses. Previous speaking engagements and presentations include La Verne Heights Elementary School, Chaffey Community College, and Kaiser Permanente.

Registered Nurse

2014 – present

Manages care for adult and elderly populations. Consults, educates and advocates for clients and their families regarding care navigation, planning, and coordination.

Logistics Specialist, United States Navy


Award winning performance in logistics during Operation Iraqi Freedom, earning Navy Achievement Medal for expertise in managing inventory in excess of 1 million dollars.

Colorado Technical University

2018 – 2020, Master of Science in Nursing Administration

California State University, Dominguez Hills

2015-2018 – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Glendale Community College

2012-2014, Associate of Science in Nursing

Citrus College

2010-2012, Associate of Science, Physical, Biological Sciences and Mathematics